Simple list of operations

Simple list of operations

This week’s Technical Tuesday will guide you in a few short steps to create a list of tools or operations within NX CAM. This list does not require any customization as it is straightforward and useful in its entirety.

With NX you can always simply print content of Operation Navigator. This list can contain a lot of helpful information for machine tool operator.

1. You will first want to select which columns should be visible and in which order. To do this, right-click on the empty space of Operation Navigator, and then select: Columns / Configure.

2. In next dialog window, select which information you want to have on your operation list. Note: You may change the column sequence using your Up and Down arrow keys.

3. Select OK.

4. Now, you are ready to print your list of operations. Right-click in the empty space of Operation Navigator again, and select Export to Browser. Your output should look like this:


To achieve simple list of tools, you can to the same in Machine Tool View of Operation Navigator. Just use Collapse All command to hide all operations and focus on tools. Results looks like this:


To export this list as an Excel Spreadsheet, right-click in the empty space and select Export to Spreadsheet.

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Marek Pawlus Marek Pawlus
NCmatic is a new Siemens PLM Software and Technology Partner specializing in NX CAM. Our main focus is to develop tools integrated into NX which automate and enhance the everyday workflow for CAM users. Through our new partnership with Siemens, we have full access to integration technology that allows us to develop advanced and reliable applications right inside of the NX user interface.

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