NCreports is a modern, advanced and very handy tool which allows you to generate various type of reports. Major report types are: Setup Sheets, Tool Lists and Operation Lists. New types of reports can be added upon request.

Here you can find entire walkthrough on all options of NCreports.


All default report types includes most important details, including:

  • minimum Z-coordinate value (for each tool, each operation or entire program)
  • total time and cutting time (for each tool, each operation or entire program)
  • tool reach (for tool list)
  • tool pictures at the tool list
  • workpiece snapshot, showing IPW shape and tool path for each operation at the operation list
  • other details can be added upon request

Each report contains exactly what you need in a clear, concise manner for any shop floor environment.

On this video you can find a short demonstration of using NCreports

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