Our main focus is to provide the best quality NX CAM postprocessors for all kinds of machines. Our expertise ranges from 3-axis VMC or 2-axis lathes, up to complex multitasking multi-channel millturns.

Some of our postprocessors can be tested online with Siemens NX CAM Post Hub (beta version).


Sample implementations:

Grob G350
5-axis universal machining center with Sinumerik 840D sl controller.
Postprocessor uses CYCLE800 transformation for 3+2 machining and TRAORI mode for full simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Yasda PX30i
5-axis vertical machining center with Fanuc 31i controller.
Postprocessor uses G68.2 transformation for 3+2 machining and G43.4 mode for full simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Okuma Multus B550
Dual-spindle multifunction turning center with OSP-300 controller.
Postprocessor and ISV kit covers all machining modes (on main- and sub-spindle):
– turning at any B-axis angle
– 3+2 milling with G127 (slant machining mode)
– 5-axis simultaneous milling
– front face machining using XYZ and G137 (XZC mode)
– programming NC controlled steady rest
– sub-spindle can work in tailstock mode
– programming workpiece takeover

Examples with this postprocessor & ISV kit:

5-axis vertical machining center.
Postprocessor uses G254 (Dynamic Work Offset) for 3+2 machining and G234 (Tool Center Point Control) for full simultaneous 5-axis milling.
Integrated Simulation and Verification covers all machining modes and collision detection also during tool change routine

Examples with this postprocessor and ISV kit:

Horizontal machining center with replaceable heads and HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 controller.
Postprocessor and ISV covers all machining modes using 8 cnc controlled axes.

Fidia G 996 RT
5-axis vertical machining center with Fidia C20 controller.
Postprocessor uses G21 transformation for 3+2 machining and G196 ROTO “RTCP on rotary table” mode for full simultaneous 5-axis machining.
Interesting feature is that 5-axis drilling cycles use virtual quill (W axis)

Doosan Lynx 220LSYC
Millturn machining center with Fanuc controller.
Postprocessor handles all machining modes, like:
– turning
– XYZC milling
– XZC milling with G12.1 transformation
– machining on main- and sub-spindle
– workpiece takeover operation