Personalize your CAM interface in NX

Personalize your CAM interface in NX

Personalizing your NX CAM interface will help you navigate and operate it quickly. Instead of wasting time on finding command functions, here are a few steps to help you organize your workspace.

1. Streamline Operation Navigator

It is vital to tailor Operation Navigator to suit your needs because of the vast amount of information it displays. In my previous post I detailed how to configure columns.

Operation Navigator has four views. The most commonly used is Program Order View, but configuring also other views will make your work easier.

My advice is to always use Program Order View for postprocessing, verification, or simulation. This view reflects the true order of operations as they will be executed on the machine.

Since NX 10, you can detach the entire Operation Navigator from the main NX window. This is especially useful if you are using two computer monitors. To do this, click the Resource Bar Options, which is the gear icon in the upper-left corner. Then select Dock on Second Monitor.

2. Keep your most often used options close at hand

With NX, you can achieve the same result multiple ways. For example, Feeds and Speeds can be set from inside operation dialog, but it can be also set using context menu (Object Feed Rates) or an icon (Home tab / More / Feed Rates).

To expedite access, add options to border bars by grouping your commonly used options in one place. To do this, select File > Customize (or use the Ctrl+1 shortcut). If border bars are not visible, click the Tabs/Bars tab to make sure they are selected.

Add options to your bar, go to the Commands tab and drag and drop it to the desired bar.

You may also drag and drop options from the Menu or from Ribbon Bars. However, if you do this, you will move them from their original place. It is best to copy them instead by holding Ctrl while dragging and dropping them.

3. Modifying Full Screen Mode

If you use NX CAM on a small screen or laptop, using Full Screen Mode with radial shortcuts will be your new best friend. To enter and exit Full Screen Mode, use Alt+Enter shortcut.

In the graphic area, hold the right mouse button and move the cursor around for the basic radial menu to appear. Alternatively, hold Ctrl+Shift+ (Mouse 1 or Mouse 2 or Mouse 3) for your additional radial menus .

You can customize content of each radial menu in Customize Dialog > Shortcut.

4. Make Bulk changes

As I already mentioned Feeds and Speeds, it is worth adding, that you can set this parameter to multiple CAM operations at once.

To do this, select Program Group, or select multiple operations while holding Ctrl or Shift, and then select Feeds and Speeds command. It also applies to setting UDEs, Gouge Check etc.

About the Author
Marek Pawlus
Marek’s focus is development of postprocessors, NC code simulation kits and NX Open applications for NX CAM. In 2016 Marek founded NCmatic in Poland to provide services for NX CAM users. In 2017 NCmatic became Siemens’ Software and Technology Partner. In 2018 Marek launched second location of NCmatic in Morgan Hill, California, to make it even easier for companies from United States to cooperate with NCmatic. Marek graduated from University of Technology in Rzeszow, Poland in 2010 with master’s degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. While Marek’s area of interest is CAM software and CNC controllers, he also has hands-on experience as CAM programmer in motorsport industry.

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