Create a Workholding Library in NX CAM

Create a Workholding Library in NX CAM

Step by step guide how to create your own workholding library in NX CAM…

NX CAM users usually add fixtures to their CAM projects by importing 3D models or adding them as assembly components. After that, parts of fixtures need to be adjusted and positioned for each job. This is the most obvious approach.

By using NX Reuse Library, you may design a well-prepared library and add fixtures to your project will be easily and quickly. Reuse Library can be easily shared across multiple users in a company.

In the following brief videos, I will demonstrate how you can create your own parametric library of workholding devices by using Reuse Library within CAM.

The better we plan how to organize this library, the easier and faster it will be to use it in CAM projects.

Part 1:

– Create Your Library
– Add Simple Vise to Library

Part 2:
– Add a Self-Centering Vise to Your Library

Part 3:
– Add a 3-Jaw Chuck to Your Library


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