NCmatic postprocessors at Post Hub

NCmatic postprocessors at Post Hub

Couple weeks ago, Siemens PLM Software has introduced a new platform where every NX CAM user can browse for existing postprocessors.

The best part of this project is that you can also “try out your test part with a new machine kit before you finally decide if this post processor is the right one for you”

On the NX Post Hub you can also find postprocessors from NCmatic.

Here is a short example how easy it is to browse for postprocessor on NX Post Hub and test it:

Read more about NX Post Hub here.

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Marek Pawlus Marek Pawlus
NCmatic is a new Siemens PLM Software and Technology Partner specializing in NX CAM. Our main focus is to develop tools integrated into NX which automate and enhance the everyday workflow for CAM users. Through our new partnership with Siemens, we have full access to integration technology that allows us to develop advanced and reliable applications right inside of the NX user interface.

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