Set View to MCS (new in NX 11.0.2)

Today, I will share little news about feature which was released with NX 11.0.2. 

This one is very small improvement, but in my opinion it is very useful, and I’m sure that many NX CAM programmers missed such feature.

This is “Set View to Tool Axis” option.

To do this:
– select an operation in Operation Navigator Tree
– Right-click in the graphics window
– choose Set View to Tool Axis option.

It should align your work view to tool axis vector. It gives you more control over the orientation of the work view.

It is all shown at the animation below:


The second option, which was also added in NX11.0.2 – Set view to MCS – aligns your work view to Z-axis of MCS used by selected operation.

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