How to use Rotate UDE in NX

How to use Rotate UDE in NX

Today I will present an example of most common use case for Rotate UDE in NX.

Below you will find a short video with sample 5-axis tool path, which is going to be machined on gantry machine. Unlike trunnion-type milling machines, this kind of gantry machines usually have small C-axis limit. It forces CAM programmer to avoid hitting axis limit if it is possible. If it is not possible, a decent postprocessor should output safe retract and reposition C-axis above the workpiece. Also reliable ISV (nc-code based simulation of entire machine), lets you make sure if this reposition move will not cause collision between machine components. You can see this behavior in first part of the movie.

Presented operation can be easily done with one pass, without any reposition. All we need to do, is to pre-position C-axis before we approach the part. To do this, we use UDE Rotate, with settings as on this picture:

For more details, please take a look how I did this:

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