NCreports – easily generate advanced summary of your CAM project!

NCreports – easily generate advanced summary of your CAM project!

NCreports is a modern, advanced and very handy tool which allows you to generate various type of reports. Major report type, are: Setup Sheets, Tool Lists and Operation Lists. New types of reports can be added upon request. Below, you can find entire walkthrough on all options of NCreports.

All default report types includes most important details, including:

  • minimum Z-coordinate value (for each tool, each operation or entire program)
  • total time and cutting time (for each tool, each operation or entire program)
  • tool reach (for tool list)
  • tool pictures at the tool list
  • workpiece snapshot, showing IPW shape and tool path for each operation at the operation list
  • other details can be added upon request

Each report contains exactly what you need in a clear, concise manner for any shop floor environment.


On a following video you can find a short demonstration of using NCreports:

If you are interested to take a closer look to NCreports, feel free to contact me directly.


To begin, select from which Program Group you want to generate the report, and click NCreports icon.

It will start NCreports dialog box. Note, that this dialog is fully integrated with NX, it will be displayed in the same colors theme which you use with entire NX.
On the top tab of the dialog, you will see name of a Program Group which you have chosen to be used as a scope for report.

In Selection tab, you will find “camera” icon. You can click it to create part snapshot, which will be displayed at setup sheet. If you leave Crop Part Picture option checked-on, NCreports will crop part snapshot, removing all unnecessary background.
Immediately after taking a snapshot, you will see the result in Snapshot Preview tab. If the result is not good enough, you can use “camera” icon again, until you get acceptable effect.
Output precision option lets you specify number of decimal places in the final report
Under Select Output tab, you can select which of the reports will be generated. If you select all of them, it will be generated to one pdf file. If you select only some of them, each report will be generated to separate pdf file. Soon, there will be also other type of reports available. If you need different types of report, don’t forget to let me know.
Setup Sheet Data tab contains fields which you can fill with your project data if you want to generate Setup Sheet. All provided data will be displayed in corresponding fields in final report.

To replace NCmatic logo with your company’s logo, simply replace *.png file which is located in: (…)\NCmatic\application\profiles\UG_APP_MANUFACTURING

On the bottom of NCreports dialog, you will find two commands which lets you save previously set values as globally default, or save them in the Program Group which is being used to generate report. On the picture below, you can see which options will be saved.

With ability to save your preferred options and values as default, you don’t need to specify all settings every time you want to generate report – which makes it much faster and easier to use.

About the Author
Marek Pawlus Marek Pawlus
NCmatic is a new Siemens PLM Software and Technology Partner specializing in NX CAM. Our main focus is to develop tools integrated into NX which automate and enhance the everyday workflow for CAM users. Through our new partnership with Siemens, we have full access to integration technology that allows us to develop advanced and reliable applications right inside of the NX user interface.

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