“Tool Path” Drive Method in NX CAM

“Tool Path” Drive Method in NX CAM

Today I will demonstrate practical way of using Tool Path drive method in NX CAM.

This drive method is available in Fixed Contour and Variable Contour operations. It allows us to use other operation’s tool path as drive geometry in other operation.
4-axis roughing, which I will create, is just example application of this drive method.

The purpose of this video was to explain how to use Tool Path drive method, so keep in mind, that it is not the only way of doing 4-axis roughing in NX. We can also use for example Rotary Floor operations dedicated for 4-axis roughing. But Rotary Floor have some limitations in cut pattern types comparing to what I did here.

About the Author
Marek Pawlus
Marek’s focus is development of postprocessors, NC code simulation kits and NX Open applications for NX CAM. In 2016 Marek founded NCmatic in Poland to provide services for NX CAM users. In 2017 NCmatic became Siemens’ Software and Technology Partner. In 2018 Marek launched second location of NCmatic in Morgan Hill, California, to make it even easier for companies from United States to cooperate with NCmatic. Marek graduated from University of Technology in Rzeszow, Poland in 2010 with master’s degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. While Marek’s area of interest is CAM software and CNC controllers, he also has hands-on experience as CAM programmer in motorsport industry.

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