Surface finishing with Guiding Curves in NX CAM

Surface finishing with Guiding Curves in NX CAM

Topic of this week is new CAM operation in NX: Guiding Curves. You might already know 5-axis version of it, because it was introduced before, but 3-axis Guiding Curves which I will present today, is new in NX 12.0.2.

What makes Guiding Curves special? It’s that you don’t need to care about projection vector. Watch the video, and you will see how easy it is to create this operation!

During this episode, I will walk through several use cases of Guiding Curves, showing you how it works on examples. And I will also compare it to other operations like Streamline and Contour Area. As I already mentioned Streamline: I’ve made entire video about Streamline operation. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it: Streamline tips in NX CAM

Guiding Curves is very easy operation to use. Maybe not as easy as Contour Area, but quality of the tool path generated with Guiding Curves is incomparably better. And comparing to Streamline, Guiding Curves is so much easier to create. You can forget about figuring out every time which projection vector could give best results.

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